Our Building Process

We strive to create an enjoyable experience through the whole process.

Designing your home should be enjoyable. We strive to create a stellar experience for our buyers during the course of construction, home delivery, and post-closing warranty. At Nitti Development, we’ve created the optimal program to assist our buyers through each phase of building their dream home. From the Selection Process and Buyer Walk-Throughs to Construction Updates and Warranty Procedures, we’ll guide you through every step of the way.


The Selection Process

You’ll work with a Nitti Development Designer for all three stages of the Selection Process. During the construction phase, you’ll have the flexibility of making the majority of your design decisions.

1. Design Selections I

With your Nitti Development Designer, you’ll make decisions regarding plumbing, cabinetry, electrical layout, low voltage, trim, built-ins, hardware, landscaping, fireplace style, finished basement, and more.

2. Design Selections II

During the intermediate stage of the Selection Process, you’ll make design decisions regarding your stairways, hardwood and tile flooring, fireplace tile, lighting selections, and countertops.

3. Design Selections III

And finally, in stage 3 of the Selection Process, you’ll work with your Nitti Development Designer to determine the finishing touches of your home’s design: including cabinet hardware, landscape and patio decisions, closet layouts, and paint colors. All these decisions will be ongoing during the construction phase, making moving into your new home as timely as possible!

Buyer Walk-Through & Construction Updates

To ensure that you’re happy with the progress of your home construction, we will schedule a Walk-Through for each of these phases: mechanical/pre-drywall, paint, punch list, and the final closing walk-through.

  • Our Nitti Development Team will provide construction updates to our home buyer bi-weekly.
  • During the mechanical walk-through, our home buyer will walk through the home with our Field Manager to review electrical and low voltage items. Once approved by our home buyer, the next step of construction is drywall!
  • Our next walk-through is the Paint Walk! Our home buyer will tour the home with our Nitti Development Designer and select their paint colors for each wall. At this point, floors and cabinets are complete so the buyer will see their new home almost complete!
  • Up next, the Final Walk-Through! Our home buyer will walk through their home with our Field manager and begin creating a punch list. This walk is typically one week prior to closing.
1st walk-through


2nd walk-through

Paint Walls

3rd walk-through

Punch List

4th walk-through

Final Closing


Closing and Celebration!

Post-close and move-in

Your new home includes a 1 Year New Home Limited Warranty. For Warranty Service after move-in, simply complete a Warranty Request Form and send it to a Nitti Warranty Service Manager.

With heightened anticipation, now is the time to truly relax and celebrate your new home. We know there is no better feeling!

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